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The definitive project finance modelling course.

Mastering financial modelling

Harnessing Excel for the business environment.

Project Finance Analysis

This two day event is the last word in project finance modelling; delivered in-person by Nick Crawley.

If you are new to project finance or seeking to refresh or boost your knowledge, this 100% hands-on case study event covers the essential analysis needed to succeed in a transaction.

You will construct a complete project finance model that will be easy to check and update. Brochure.


Mastering Financial Modelling

Invest two days in this 100% hands-on intensive course where you will prepare essential analysis for a crucial Board Meeting for an upcoming transaction.

You will master core Excel modelling skills, gain confidence and work efficiency focusing on architecture and transparency.

This course builds on existing skills harnessing sophisticated combinations of formulae and arrays and data manipulation.


In-house and tailored learning

We are proudly an independent boutique; not an accounting or generic training company; we can tailor the training environment and programme to suit your firms financial modelling requirements and can even introduce you to Coding.

Drawing upon our extensive training experience, we can maximise your ROI by accommodating your teams experience, needs, availability, budget and location. Call us for a chat.

Two days for A$1,500
The last word in Project Finance Modelling training delivered by Nick Crawley over two engaging, 100% hands-on, days. You will build and take away a complete project finance model. The case study includes extracts from key contracts and presents a realistic scenario of a project finance transaction modelling. Participants will be immersed in cashflow analysis, debt modelling, project finance ratios, scenarios and quality management which will also benefit related sectors such as export, leveraged, trade, corporate and structured finance teams. Afterwards Nick is available to answer follow-up questions ensuring the smooth transfer of course knowledge to your workplace. Build your own complete greenfield project finance financial model with:
  • Variable monthly construction phase and quarterly operational phase
  • EPC with optional s-curve and detailed capex schedule
  • Construction financing
  • Contract and merchant off-take
  • Cashflow waterfall and integrated financial statements
  • Debt repayment (credit foncier and DSCR sculpting)
  • Transparent Debt Service Reserve Account
  • Project Finance ratio (DSCR, LLCR and PLCR)
  • Project and equity returns and terminal values
  • Scenario manager giving all scenarios-all-the-time
  • Improve your best practice modelling and Excel productivity
  • Minimise errors and learn how to spot them quickly

Good project finance modelling is a skill; great project finance modelling is an art.  Nick has mastered great project finance modelling over a stellar career in both modelling and structuring deals.  His friendly and sharing attitude, combined with indepth deal experience make his training courses the best available. Nick’s ability to turn a complex situation into a simple solution is an invaluable asset. Everything Nick recommends is considered and backed up by war stories from the front-line!

Neil MacDonald. Head of Corporate Finance, Klesch Group, former Head of Project Finance, Asia Pacific, JP Morgan
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Two days for A$1,500
This course is for anybody who uses Excel in a business context. Apply powerful combinations of Excel formulae, harness arrays and cover essential valuation formula all within a 100% hands-on environment.  Framed with a case study of a where you need to provide information to senior management to satisfy the Board as well as the advisors for an IPO. There is a heavy focus on extracting and manipulating information from raw data, constructing sophisticated formula and arrays. We build up an advanced scenario manager and look at using VBA for goal-seeking and importing data without external links. The course features best practice modelling and a focus on productivity tips-and-tricks especially how to avoid errors.

  • Learn how to develop sophisticated transparent formula.
  • Learn how to apply Arrays{ } in business analysis.
  • Empower your use of Excel, with professional productivity tips.
  • Develop an advanced multi-sheet scenario manager.
  • Extract, reference, manipulate, handle and report Data.
  • Calculate essential valuation formula from first principles.
  • Harness Range Names and multi-layered formula.
  • Improve your best practice modelling and Excel productivity.
  • Minimise errors and learn how to spot them quickly.

Nick has set the industry benchmark in tier one Financial Modelling Training for over a decade. His structured, friendly and patient approach along with his depth of knowledge ensures that all participants learn techniques that will stay with them throughout their career. Nick understands the challenges of major firms and their requirement for efficient and accurate financial modelling; a context that makes the training even more useful. I highly recommend Vector’s training to any finance professional.

Chris Holman, Partner, Azure Capital
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Nick Crawley has a decade of experience delivering, designing and managing in-house and tailored courses - globally.

Attending a scheduled course is a great way to learn away from the office, however for larger teams there are definite savings and logistical benefits in delivering a course in your offices on a date that suits your schedule. We can tailor the programme to make it specific to your industry focus or even show lawyers how to create code.

In-house training can be delivered flexibly to work within the time constraints of your team - even on weekends. Contact us to learn more about any aspect of Financial Modelling, data management or coding / programming.

Nick draws on his own transaction experience to develop models that let clients look "under the hood” to assess the underlying relationships that drive performance and to spot factors that can cause unanticipated difficulties.  This allows a wider range of assumptions and inputs to be stress-tested, helping decision makers improve risk allocation and structure, and make their deals more resilient in the face of real world adversity.  This skill set is passionately transferred into Vector's training courses.

Paul Finn,  former Global head of Project and Structured Finance, ANZ Investment Bank. 

Public courses

We cover AU/NZ with our standard schedule but as demand builds we can schedule your city, in Asia too - just call us.

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Project Finance Analysis Auckland 19 Feb 18 20 Feb 18 Courses Detail
Mastering Financial Modelling Auckland 21 Feb 18 22 Feb 18 Courses Detail
Project Finance Analysis Perth 26 Feb 18 27 Feb 18 Courses Detail
Mastering Financial Modelling Perth 28 Feb 18 01 Mar 18 Courses Detail